Tick and flea treatment

Medicated Tick & Flea Bath, Condition, Dry, Brush, Nail Trimming, Teet

  • 1 hour
  • 650 Indian rupees
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Service Description

Ticks are gross—they are, essentially, blood-sucking parasites that feed off warm-blooded animals and they have a particular preference for dogs. Once a tick lands on its potential host, it will try to travel to a warm, dark crevice to attach and feed—think armpits, ears, and belly folds. We use tick relief shampoo and let it stay on the dog’s coat for a good 15 minutes. During that time, we find and remove ticks by hands. The other ticks are also then lured out, handpicked and separated from the dog’s fur. The eggs that the ticks lay deep in the unreachable areas on the dog’s fur, do not get completely washed off because of their strong grip. Hence, it is recommended that the dog is given a tick bath till the time it’s necessary. In some cases, two tick baths help the dog tremendously. In others, 3-4 baths do. It depends on the amount of ticks on the dog’s skin as well as the amount of fur it has. The Tick and Flea Relief Treatment really helps to reduce the ticks and the dog is much more relieved than it would have been, prior to getting groomed.

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